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Thanks for stopping by wallpapersteamer.org.uk, you can find a great selection of wallpaper steamers of all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for some information before you get started you can scroll down for our guides to wallpaper steamers. If the wallpaper steamer is available from more than one retailer you will find a price comparison.

Earlex SS125 Wallpaper Stripper

Earlex make a number of wallpaper strippers / steamers and this is one of their best value models. It is excellent value as it offers a lot for such a low price. One of the key features of any wallpaper steamer is the heating element and this Earlex has a 2000 watt element and a 4 litre boiler.

It is also important you can access all parts of your room to strip the paper. There are no worries about reach with the Earlex SS125 as it comes with a 3.65m hose, coupled with a 2m mains cable. The hose is also cool to touch when in use to reduce the risk of burns. You get an impressive 70 minutes of steam with this wallpaper remover, you will probably get bored before you have to switch it off!

The Earlex SS125 wallpaper steamer is ideal of all types of wallpaper including multi-layered, painted and even Artex. For added safety there are 3 safety valves on this steamer. You won’t be waiting around to get started either, with just a 12 minute steam up time, you will barely have time to make a cup of tea! Overall this product is perfect for infrequent decorators. This product is slightly different depending on which retailer you choose, but they are all based on the same Earlex model.

Earlex SS200 Hands-free

The worlds first hands-free wallpaper stripper from Earlex. Th Earlex SS200 Hands-free wallpaper stripper is an innovative machine that takes hassle free wallpaper stripping to a whole new level. It has a unique vacuum system that sticks itself to the wall or ceiling whilst steaming. This means you can remove the last section of steamed wallpaper while the current one is getting the steam treatment. A normal wallpaper steamer saves you a lot of time but a hands free device takes it one step further. When used on ceilings the waste water is collected to avoid build up on the steam plate.

As well as the vacuum for hands-free use the Earlex SS200 has all the usual features you would expect from a quality wallpaper steamer. This includes a 5 litre water reservoir, 2225 watt element and a 3.65m cool to touch hose. It has a number of advanced safety features that make it stand out over it’s competition. The safety features include an anti discharge device, pressure relief valve and anti implosion device. These make it one of the safest machines on the market. If ever something was worth spending just a little more money on then this is it.

Challenge Xtreme Wallpaper Stripper

The Challenge Xtreme Wallpaper Stripper is one of the cheapest on the market. It still manage to perform admirably and is more than adequate for the occasional decorator. This is sold exclusively by Argos in the UK and is popular due to it’s hugely competitive price. It has many of the safety features found on more expensive models. This includes pressure release valves and cool to touch hose.

The Challenge Xtreme wallpaper steamer comes with a boiler that has a capacity of 5 litres and can be used for 80 minutes at a time. This machine also benefits from a 1.8m hose, which while not as long as some is more than enough for most situations. If you are looking for a cheap way to make wallpaper stripping less of a chore then this is a great option.

Challenge Xtreme Wallpaper Stripper.
Challenge Xtreme Wallpaper Stripper.

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Bosch PTL1 Wallpaper Stripper

This Bosch wallpaper steamer is a solid dependable machine. Bosch were one of the first companies to make affordable wallpaper steamers and you know you can trust something that has the Bosch name on it. It has a 3m kink resistant hose and a 2.4 litre capacity. The steam time is just 8 minutes, which is one of the shortest of any wallpaper steamer in this price range.

For added user safety it has overheat protection and a pressure valve on the tank, making it a particularly safe device. Other features include integrated temperature control, insulated stay cool body, water level indicator and LED on/off switch. It also benefits from integrated cable and steam plate holder, which makes for easier storage, when not in use. If you want a functional, reliable wallpaper steamer you won’t go far wrong with this Bosch. It comes complete with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Earlex Complete Steam Set

This is a very popular steam set from Earlex. The brilliant feature of this set is that as well as a wallpaper remover it is also an excellent steam cleaner. You can use it for cleaning and sanitising all around the home, caravan, garden and car. It is suitable for cleaning carpets, upholstery, tiles and windows.

On top of the cleaning features, it is a great at removing wallpaper too. With a 5 litre boiler and 90 minute continuous steam power it compares well to any wallpaper steamer on the market. It also features a 2000 watt element and 3.65m cool to touch hose. The cleaning function requires no chemicals as the heat and moistness of the steam is enough to sanitise and clean throughout the house. It can kill salmonella and E.coli from kitchen worktops.The Earlex Complete Steam Set comes with a 2 years manufacturers warranty. Click the link or the picture to get more information and the latest price.

Earlex Complete Steam Set.
Earlex Complete Steam Set.

Black & Decker Kx3300T

This is a popular wallpaper steamer from a household name, the Black and Decker Kx3300T. It offers all the features you need from a name you can trust. It has a 2300 watt heating element for super fast steam time, you can be up and running in no time at all. This steam cleaner has a 3m mains cable and 3.65m hose so you can reach all the way round your room. It can run for 60 minutes at a time. Like other steam wallpaper removers the Black and Decker has safety valves, it also has a safety cut out to for boil dry prevention.

The Black and Decker has a few more features to make it worth the extra, on top of the extra safety measures. There is a larger than average steam plate for greater coverage. It also comes with an on-board hose and easy fill spout. There may be small difference between retailers.

All about Wallpaper Steamers

We all love a nice, newly decorated house, but getting it isn’t always fun. The first step is usually to remove the existing wallpaper. Almost everyone has bad memories of wallpaper stripping, usually it involves hours and hours of wet sponges and metal scrapers. This isn’t fun, it takes ages and it is hugely frustrating. Why do we do it, wallpaper strippers are now available for less than £20 for a basic model. For just £20 a wallpaper steamer can save you hours and help you get your decorating done in less than half the time.

Wallpaper steamers used to be really expensive but now you can get a basic home wallpaper stripper for less than £20 and you can get a professional model for not too much more. They work by applying hot steam to the wall in a controlled manner, this then literally lets the wallpaper fall off. They are made up of an element, a water container and a faceplate. The heating element heats the cold water in the container, this the generates steam which feeds down a narrow tube to the faceplate. The faceplate of the wallpaper steamer is usually about 1cm deep, this allows the steam to build up between the plate and the wall. The heat and moisture of the steam then lift the wallpaper from the wall, by rehydrating the wallpaper paste, so it no longer holds it firm.

The more expensive wallpaper strippers perform in the same way as the cheaper units but are made of more robust parts to make them suitable for every day use. This makes them ideal for professional decorators or enthusiastic DIYers. If you just plan on using it for one round of decorating the cheap units are such good value it is still a great purchase.

How to use a Wallpaper Steamer

Once you have bought a wallpaper steamer you are well on the way to ending your decorating woes. You should first read the instructions for your wallpaper stripper and make sure it is all connected correctly before you start. Then the best place to start is with scoring the wallpaper the whole way round the room you are planning on stripping. You should use something like a normal wallpaper scraper to lightly score the wallpaper at regular intervals. This will allow the steam to soak into the paper and loosen the adhesive.

The usual procedure for the steam wallpaper stripper is to fill the water reservoir, plug it in then wait for it to start producing steam. The length of time this takes and the exact procedure will vary depending on the model you buy, so make sure you read the instructions. Once it is steaming you should place the face plate against a section of wallpaper and leave it in place for 20-30 seconds. This should be enough time for it to loosen the paper. You can then use a scraper to remove the paper, it should come away very easily. If you put the wallpaper in a bin bag as you go along it will be much easier to clean up later!

Once you have done the whole room you should go around and remove any last fragments of paper with your scraper. Then fill in any small holes with a filler and wait for it to dry before starting with the new wallpaper. Using this method should make re-papering a room a lot less frustrating and it should take you a lot less time. Once you have used a wallpaper steamer you will never decorate without one again.

About Earlex

Earlex are an established British company who specialise in wallpaper steamers but make other related products too. They are dedicated to UK manufacture and export products across the globe. They launched the world’s first DIY wallpaper steamer in 1987 and still lead the market today. They continue to do well due to their commitment to innovation, reliability, quality and affordability. This proves to be a popular mix with today’s consumer. Their are proud to boast that their SS125 wallpaper stripper consistently beats every other product on the market on sales and performance.